10 Important Interviewing Tips for Managers

Whether you are interviewing candidates virtually or in person, it’s important that you deliver a positive candidate experience. Candidates are evaluating you and your organization during the interview, so be sure to prepare and put your best foot forward.
While virtual interviewing is not new, many managers struggle with how to effectively handle a virtual interview and then how to evaluate candidates properly. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Be sure to send them an email invitation offering several dates (if possible) for the interview along with the link to login. Also, if it’s going to be a panel or committee interview, please advise the candidate ahead of time and provide the names and titles of all individuals that will be participating.
  • Provide good instructions. Having clear instructions makes the process flow seamlessly and relieves any anxiety about who to contact should there be any technical difficulties. Provide instructions on how to access the virtual platform you are using.
  • Choose a quiet location. Consider using a headset to prevent any background noise from interfering with the sound quality. Advise others who are participating on the call to do the same.
  • Follow the leader. If you are leading the interview, ensure other participants are aware of the sequence and structure of the interview. Provide instructions to them ahead of time and ensure agreement with the plan and structure.
  • Prepare for the interview. Be prepared ahead of time with specific interview questions, the job description, copies of the candidate’s resume and other materials and if other interviewers are involved, plan ahead of time who will ask the questions and how much time is going to be allotted.
  • Demonstrate professionalism. Dress appropriately for the interview; speak positively and professionally about the position and the organization. Pay attention to time and allow the candidate to ask questions. Make eye contact by focusing on your computer’s camera rather than the screen (if possible).
  • Talk about what’s important. Discuss the overall role, the culture of the organization and what success looks like. Provide them with time to ask questions that they may have and be sure to answer their questions fully or get back to them with appropriate answers at a later date.
  • Use a Candidate Scoring Matrix. When interviewing candidates, it’s a good idea to develop a scoring matrix that outlines the requirements for the role and other attributes that will help you ensure the same criteria is being used for each candidate.
  • Identify red flags. Watch for signs such as candidates, late to the interview, doesn’t show up at all, and unprofessional behavior during the interview.
  • Communicate next steps. It’s important to let them know what the next steps are. This enables people to feel more connected with the process and with you. Share any other information that they would need to know at this point. Explain how they will be notified of the hiring decision.

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